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Numbness, tingling, or pain in the feet are all symptoms of diabetic foot problems. At The Center for Foot and Ankle Care in Denver, Dr. Eugene Rosenthall treats children and adults who have diabetes-related foot issues. With expertise in podiatry, Dr. Rosenthall can help ease your pain and bring more comfort to your feet.

Diabetic Foot Q & A

What causes diabetic feet?

Diabetes affects your feet, ankles, and legs. Those with diabetes often experience a wide range of symptoms, due to fluctuations in blood sugar and the circulatory complications that diabetes causes.

When you have diabetic feet, you might experience:

  • Poor circulation
  • Tingling or pain in the feet or legs
  • Sores, open wounds, or ulcers that don’t heal quickly
  • Swelling of your feet, toes, or ankles
  • Texture or color changes in your skin
  • Fungal problems

You might also notice corns, calluses, or cracking, dry skin on your feet if you have diabetes.

When you leave diabetes-related foot problems untreated, you put yourself at risk for complications.

How is diabetic foot treated?

If you suffer from diabetes-related foot complications, it’s essential to book an appointment with Dr. Rosenthall. He can help you manage your symptoms and prevent serious complications.

As part of your treatment plan, he may recommend various treatment methods, depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms. These might include:

  • Specialized diabetic shoes
  • A foot brace or shoe inserts
  • Compression socks or wraps

Dr. Rosenthall might also prescribe medication to help your body fight off foot infections. Because diabetic foot is related to blood sugar problems, he helps you develop a plan to manage your eating habits. 

What can I expect after treatment?

While treatment for diabetes-related foot problems can be a lengthy process, it’s a crucial part of managing your condition and preventing further problems. To completely heal, take good care of your feet, keep them clean, and follow Dr. Rosenthall’s instructions.

To increase your chances of successfully healing, you should:

  • Manage your blood sugar
  • Keep your feet dry
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Wear properly fitted shoes

You should also clip your toenails often to avoid ingrown nails or fungal infections.

With Dr. Rosenthall’s help, you can heal easily and regain ease and comfort in your feet. Book an appointment today using the easy online scheduler.

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